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Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction for Profesionals

Our mindfulness-based training and workshops for corporate clients focus on improving the well-being, resilience,stress-management techniques and collaborative skills of participants. Mindfulness means paying attention to the present moment (we generally tend to think of either the past or the present), as the moment unfolds, with an attitude of openness and curiosity.


With myriad forms of technology invading all aspects of our daily lives, we are bombarded from morning until night with so much information that it is very difficult to judge the trustworthy from the unreliable, the reality from the fake, the truth from the lies. This seriously undermines our ability to make good decisions.


At one end of the spectrum, attention-deficit disorder is becoming a serious issue among white-collar workers. At the other end, the ability to handle complex data and express one’s thoughts clearly and precisely to colleagues has become a requisite for professional success.


This is where mindfulness training comes into the picture, as it teaches participants individual and team skills that can be applied on a daily basis to reduce stress and improve well-being and health.

During our eight-week Mindfulness-Based Stress-Reduction programme, we focus on participants’ ability to adapt to a constantly changing work environment by teaching them to focus more effectively and think more clearly, which naturally leads to the creation of original ideas in the mind-space created. Through the programme, participants will learn how to strengthen their resilience, improve their performance and develop the collaborative skills that are so critical in today’s modern work environment.

Thank you for your interest in mindfulness training. You can find more information below on our Mindfulness- Based Stress-Reduction programme.


Our experience-based programme helps participants to better understand the stresses and pressure that modern life exerts on their minds, their bodies and their work-related performance and helps them convert this negative energy into a positive force. Participants take an active role in various situational roleplays to learn directly about the effects of stress and how to deal with stressful situations in an effective way.


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Our mindfulness training is founded on the Mindfulness-Based Stress-Reduction (MBSR) programme developed at Massachusetts University Medical School by Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn. All our trainers adhere to the UK Good Practice Guidelines for Mindfulness Trainers and follow the teacher-trainer pathways of leading universities in the UK and USA.


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Over the past 15 years, Sinem has worked for several companies including two international conglomerates, one family business and two startups – the latest one being her own! Her roles have included business development, key account management, team management, partner management (mostly in telecoms and call centres) and corporate sales. Her most recent position before starting her own business was Director of Operations at a US-based startup e-learning company. This experience was a turning point on her career path, as she decided to combine her e-learning expertise with a passion for mindfulness nurtured at university. Her desire to improve the lives of others through the practical application of mindfulness is the foundation stone of her company, which was established in 2015.

Adhering to the UK Good Practice Guidelines for Mindfulness Trainers, Sinem continues to develop her training skills by following the Bangor University Teacher-Training Pathway. She is also currently enrolled on a Mindfulness at Work Certificate programme co-presented by Oxford University and Bangor University and a Master’s programme on Mindfulness Intervention at Bangor University.


She holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Calgary (Canada) and Middle East Technical University in Ankara (Turkey) as well as an MBA from Suffolk University in Boston (USA)